Gluttony 2013
Gluttony 2013


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Kiki Bittovabitsch – “Fully Disclothed”

Tamara Campbell

A smack you in the face interactive comedy that will leave you loved up. A genius blend of stand up and physical comedy!

Kiki is the love child of Dame Edna and Borat. Fully Disclothed is a genuinely touching and hilarious experience. Kiki heralds from the country of Kazador and since leaving, she cannot find it again! So she has been travelling the world sharing stories from her country and looking for a place to call home.

Heralded on the European festival scene as “Hysterically funny, Kiki is over 40, still doing splits, handstands, pole dancing, magic and contortion”.

Kiki can improvise her way into and out of any awkward situation, she is always interacting and pushing the boundaries of the socially acceptable. Her Kulture with K means that she often makes unfortunate social faux pas, but that makes everything more exciting. You never know what might happen next and to be fair, neither does she!


Rating – M

La Petite Grande

March 7-19 2017 at 9:20 pm

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