Gluttony 2013
Gluttony 2013


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Gab Rossi: BACK TO THE 90′S!

Just Another Entertainment Company ( JAEC )

Much of the 90’s is rather forgettable. The fashion was fairly nondescript, and the hair do’s returned to something fairly sensible following the outrageous 80s. The one thing that stands out is the music, and this show has loads of it. Gabriel has always been renowned for his work as one of Australia’s finest parody writers. This show will feature 90’s tributes as you’ve never heard them before as well as his usual sharp-edged stand-up.

Last year Gabriel finally decided to be a part of the Adelaide Fringe with his sold-out show “That Other Italian Comedian”. Now he’s back with a whole new show celebrating a time when he first started out in the world of comedy. If you loved the 90’s music, and you loved 90’s TV, you’re sure to get a kick out of this.

“Hilarious, energetic, poignant” The Herald-Sun 2004
“A triumph” The Age 2007


Rating – M

The Speakeasy

March 7-13 2017 at 7:10 pm

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