Gluttony 2013
Gluttony 2013



Fuego Carnal

Dream State Entertainment

“Fuego Carnal is a fiery feat of daredevil vigour and an absolutely don’t miss out, must-see show…” – RIP IT UP 2016 ★★★★★

Fuego Carnal is a heart racing display of strength, skill and sauciness. 2016 saw it win 5 star reviews, an award and the hearts of those who came.

Fuego is Spanish for fire and this is the thread that holds the show together. Creating a vibe rich in subterranean spice the cast (with a dash of new), flirt with extreme circus fire, the audience, aerials, & acrobatics, masterfully pirouetting with danger at death-like-degrees.

This high risk spectacle produced by internationally acclaimed Dream State Entertainment (AKA Dream State Circus) is combined with stunning sound and visuals by world renowned music producer Dustin Bint “The Alchemist”; and offers pure exhilarating entertainment!

“An intense burst of energy, highly recommended for anyone who is keen to see something new” – THE CLOTHESLINE, 2016.

“Fuego Carnal is 100% a must see” – The Adelaidian 2016

Rating – G

The Empyrean

Feb 17-19, 21-26, 28, March 1-5 at 8.20pm + March 7-19 at 9.50pm

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