Gluttony 2013
Gluttony 2013

Working with Us

Volunteer Opportunities

Gluttony is looking for volunteers to join our amazing team.

Gluttony offers loads of goodies to our amazing volunteers, including free tickets to shows, artist and staff BBQs along with other social events, the big staff party at the end of the festival, and a free meal and drink each shift.

To get more info on how to join our great team email


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Employment Opportunities

We’ve currently filled all our positions for the 2018 festival. If you’re interested in working with us in 2019 please send an email to after the 2018 festival has finished.


Like most Fringe hubs this is fast moving and long hours, we’re looking for people experienced with Fringe hubs. We’re a small team, try to maintain a fun, friendly atmosphere, we have staff and artist events throughout the fest, we’re a ‘family’ and are looking for people who will work hard and have a good time.